Cloud Instrumentation
in the Internet of Things

    Thermistor widget

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    The virtual Tag4M controllers into which the controlling devices are transformed are called Widgets.

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Cloud Instrument

A sensor, connected to a digitizer, becomes a Cloud Instrument if the digitizer sends data to the Internet and a server (versus a local PC). A customized engine, running on the server, is collecting the data for feed into applications like metering, charting, control, analysis, modeling, data mining, etc. with display on web pages and mobile devices.

Cloud Instrumentation

Cloud Instrumentation is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for measurements – using ICs, sensors, box instruments, PC-based, etc – where the app lives in the IoT and devices are simply the profile and the auto-controller.

Instrumentation as a Service(IaaS)

Data virtualization is a data integration approach allowing an application to retrieve and manipulate data without needing to know how the data is stored or formatted. It essentially separates the physical source of the data from possible applications. Sorting through big data can be a complicated process since it is usually spread across many nodes, tiers, and clusters, but data virtualization makes the process much easier. Please click on the image below to see an example where images of a flying eagle are combined with real-time temperature data measurements into a new type of art named “Multi-Sensory Moving Art”

More on Data Virtualization – The Case for Using Data Virtualization for Big Data Analytics

Open source technologies like LAMP stack with REST APIs and Mobile app development for iOS and Android.